We follow the biblical principles of church organization with Elders overseeing the congregation and Deacons serving under the leadership of the Elders (1 Timothy 3:1-13)  We have multiple Ministers that evangelize from the pulpit and tend to a variety of needs for the congregation and community.  Meet them below!


Ellis Lewis, Jr., is the pulpit minister and one of the elders at LPCOC. Ellis has been married to Contessa for 36 years. They have three children and three grandchildren. Ellis has been a member of the congregation for 47 years. In addition to being the minister and elder, Ellis is also involved in the Married Couples ministry, benevolence, and community outreach. With what little free time he has, Ellis enjoys watching sports and collecting hats.

Johnnie Stevenson is an elder at LPCOC and has been a member of the congregation for 41 years. He has been happily married to Mary Lou for 47 years and has two children and four grandchildren. The couple love, love, love cruising. Johnnie, once an avid sportsman, now enjoys watching a variety of sports and keeps his playtime on the domino table. Johnnie is definitely a “people” person evidenced in his reason for loving LPCOC so much, “It’s the people”.

David Lewis, Sr, Elder & Assistant Minister, wears many hats at LPCOC including teaching, preaching, personal work, song leading, mentoring, and helping the members. David has been married to Phyllis for 34 years and they have three children and 4 grandchildren. David has been a member of LPCOC for 47 years. He enjoys reading novels, creative writing, studying the Bible, watching sports, and old movies. David loves LPCOC for the support and camaraderie he receives from the members, the many opportunities for fellowship,  and the sincerity of the members.


Michael Harris, Sr, deacon of worship, has been married to Wendy for 31 years. They have 4 children and three grandchildren. The Harris’ enjoy walks, movies, traveling, and babysitting their grandchildren. Michael also loves working out at the gym with friends and fellow Christians. Since being a member at LPCOC for the past 16 years, Michael is most pleased with the family atmosphere he has always felt from his very first visit to the church. He is committed due to the congregation’s commitment to family, and Bible-based studies.


Ernest Lewis, deacon of administration, has been married to his childhood sweetheart, Marcia, for 32 years. They have four children and a dog. During his 47 years as a member at LPCOC Ernie has held many positions. Currently, Ernie is the choir director, the Young Adult Teacher and Group Mentor, and church administrator. Ernie’s hobbies include racquetball, golf, reading, and traveling. Ernie feels extremely blessed to be a member at LPCOC where members are seriously committed to the Lord and to each other.


Jose Yarbrough, deacon of education, has been married to Valerie for 19 years. They have three children and have been members of LPCOC for 34 years. Jose’s hobbies include digital art and photography. The love and fellowship among the members is what this couple enjoys most about LPCOC. Jose added he is also impressed with, “the commitment to understanding and applying the principles of the Bible”.

Micheal Marcey has been married to Adrienne for 40 years.  They have four children and three grandchildren.  The Marceys have been members of LPCOC for 30 years.  Micheal, a retired police officer, serves the congregation as deacon of security.  Micheal enjoys fellowshipping with his church family and taking his boat out for deep-sea fishing at every opportunity.

Associate Minister                                       

David Lewis Jr., affectionately known as Del (A nickname given to me by my grandmother), is a member of the La Puente Church of Christ. I serve the congregation as the Youth Minister, bible school teacher, and a member of the leadership team. I have been married to Sis. Liz Lewis for 7 years and we have 2 beautiful children Daniella (4) and Donovan aka “DJ” (2). I enjoy traveling with my family, watching and playing sports, and I always enjoy a good meal. Being the Youth Minister for the past 8 years has been a pleasure and something I do not take for granted. As a product of the youth ministry at La Puente Church of Christ myself, I know what a good Christian foundation can do for the lives of our youth today. It is with that passion, I am happy to serve the congregation as the Youth Minister.