Message from the Minister

Message from the Minister


Hello friends, my name is Ellis Lewis, Jr. and I am the senior minister of the La Puente Church of Christ. I want to welcome you to the La Puente Church of Christ website.  You have found a group of believers that practice New Testament Christianity. We preach, teach, and worship according to the examples practiced by first-century Christians.

We have been worshiping in the city of La Puente for almost 60 years.  Our former minister, Ellis Lewis, Sr., recently retired after 43 years of dedicated service.  He has led this body from a tenuous beginning to the rock-solid place we are at present.  We will continue to evolve and grow, utilizing what he has taught us, in order for the La Puente Church of Christ to positively affect our community.  We preach and teach New Testament Christianity in our community, embracing present diversity, but focusing on “What thus says the Lord”.

We are committed to using flexibility in the vehicles in which we present the truth, but we won’t change or tamper with the truth.  We embrace first-century New Testament Christianity, for we believe that it is the pattern that the bible authorizes and presents in scripture.

We want to invite you to come by and visit with us at any of our worship times. I guarantee that you will appreciate our simplicity and authentic worship.  We know that you will be encouraged and blessed by your visit with us. Hopefully, we will see you the next time we meet.

Sincerely in HIS service,

Ellis Lewis Jr.